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Kampa Studio is a design firm structured as a cooperative consisting of a number of architects and design professionals assembled to form a collaborative work environment.  The firm has extensive experience over a broad range of project types, complexities, costs and locations.  Kampa Studio is committed to practicing design and construction in a collaborative manner, seeking a true understanding of each client, their specific needs and the unique conditions of each project.





Firm Principal Biography



Troy Kampa has been working in private practice since 1989, following internships and associations with such notable firms  as Meyer, Scherer and Rockcastle, Michael Van Valkenburg and Harrison Fraker.  His work experience has included commercial and residential projects, along with a number of collaborations with artists on public art projects working in the capacities of designer, technician and on occasion, builder/fabricator. 


In 1997, Kampa/Danks Studio was formed by Troy and Douglas Danks with the intent on creating a unique and more effective office and work environment based on collaboration.  This office model thrived for a number years and succeeded in bringing in a variety of new work, clientele and members.  As a result of office growth and project shifts, the firm divided in 2002 to allow the founding members to pursue different avenues of design and project types.  Kampa Studio has since continued to maintain a collaborative design approach with a focus on residential design and construction.